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Study Skills in Oakland and Macomb Counties

Above Grade Level's SoarR Study Skills Program "Middle School Made Easy" is a proven program, because we use the SoarR Study Skills System as the core, but we go beyond in our sessions by applying the concepts. Each week we learn new skills and start using them in your student's current classes. They can immediately start applying what they are learning and building upon these skills for the rest of their lives.

We work with your student to build success habits:

Planning - "The right tools"

  • Academic Planner set-up/use
  • Key times to use and review

Organization - "Get it together"

  • Soar binder set-up/use-simplified binder system
  • Time usage at school and home

Academic Skills - "How to"

  • Work with teachers
  • Read text books
  • Write papers
  • Take and study notes
  • Prepare/Take tests

Middle school is all about change and it is the best time to learn and apply these essential skills. Multiple teachers, classrooms, sports, and clubs add complexity. Everything is also at a much faster pace and with greater expectations students can feel very overwhelmed. Our instructors focus each week on a specific skill and reinforce them weekly so you don't have to battle with your child to do the right thing. If your child is capable, but could do better, stressed about, or can't get homework started or done. Not sure what to study, a poor test taker, or not sure about themselves or their future..this program is for them.

Our program is taught both in small group sessions with a maximum of 15 students through local Community Education Programs offered in the Fall, Winter and Spring sessions as well as on an individual basis. All of our instructors have taken the SoarR Study Skills training and have used these success skills in their college programs.