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About Above Grade Level

Above Grade Level’s programs were developed by an international team of academic specialists. Our material is consistently revised and updated to make sure that your child receives the very best tutoring available. If your child is a struggling pupil, on track with peers, or gifted and seeking acceleration, we have tailored programs to meet their unique needs in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Our unique tutoring technique begins with a comprehensive online student evaluation at no cost to you!. This evaluation was developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley and pinpoints the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. We then identify the specific areas a student needs tutoring help and design a custom learning plan.

The learning plan forms the foundation for our Oakland and Macomb Counties in-home tutoring and is administered, along with our proprietary curriculum, by our expert tutors.  Our Above Grade Level tutors will mentor your child in developing effective study skills. These foundational study skills instill self-confidence to ensure your child not only achieves at school, but in life.

Above Grade Level tutors are fully-vetted, experienced, degreed professionals and/or state certified teachers with impeccable credentials and reputations. Each tutor possesses a heartfelt enthusiasm for instruction. They are passionate about helping, encouraging and mentoring K-12 students at all levels of academic understanding.

We serve the Oakland and Macomb Counties and our tutors instruct in the following subjects: Math, Science, Reading, English, SAT/ACT Prep, Spanish, Summer School Programs, Gift Students, and Enrichment.